360° Feedback

360° Feedback (also known as 360 Degree Feedback or 360 Degree Leadership Feedback) is an efficient method for the evaluation of competencies and behaviours of managerial staff and specialists from various perspectives (self-evaluation, supervisor, peer, co-worker, clients, project staff etc.).


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Before you begin a 360° Feedback process, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • What goals should be achieved with the 360° Feedback process
  • How should the 360° Feedback process be implemented
  • Who should be the feedback recipient?
  • Which competencies should be assessed (standard competencies or those pertaining to the company)?
  • What consequences do the results have for the participating feedback recipients (e.g. selection or development)?

Your company specific competencies can be used for the development of a 360° questionnaire. In case these company specific competencies have not been defined, we can provide you with various standard competencies.

We offer 360° Feedback in German, English, French, Italian and Spanish. We can also provide you with further languages as desired.

The conception phase is essential to the implementation and completion of the 360° Feedback process. Each time the 360° Feedback is repeated for the same person, the last results can be compared to previous ones. When the 360° Feedback is not implemented for the first time, the process can begin directly with the preparation phase.

Preparation and Planning
Together with you we determine the participating target group and establish a timetable for the questionnaire. We will inform and instruct the participants about the questionnaire and the timetable.

The participants will carry out the web-based questionnaire. We watch over the rate of returns and contact the participants when necessary. We are available to respond to any questions which may arise.

We are responsible for the implementation and evaluation of 360° Feedback. Along with this we, as the external service provider for the feedback participants, safeguard the participant's anonymity.

Evaluation and Feedback
After completion of the questionnaire the web-based pdf file evaluation can be downloaded by the feedback recipient him/herself. The evaluation contains a profile summary in which various results, means and comparative values are displayed, sorted according to competencies. The feedback recipient therefore has the opportunity to compare the evaluations of different feedback groups with his/her self-evaluation. The comparison between one's self perception and the perception of others demonstrates what specific fields of activity are subject to further development and provides an ideal basis for the feedback talk. This talk can be conducted either by a person from your company or by us.

Follow Up
In order to identify how the assessed person has developed, we place at your disposal a so-called comparative run. This shows the changes between two different questionnaire findings. We will gladly advise and support you in putting the results into practice.


There are various implementation possibilities for 360° Feedback:

  • Assessment of an individual's current competencies
  • Definition of fields of learning
  • Accompanying change processes
  • Improvement of leadership effectiveness
  • Analysis of contradictory signals associated with a person in a leadership position or with a work area
  • Identification of sources of conflict
  • Realignment of organisational units


360° Feedback represents a good costs / benefits relationship and, as an effective resource saving instrument, generates the following benefits:

For management:

360° Feedback enhances the feedback giving culture and raises consciousness of the company's principle competencies and values.

For human resources:

360° Feedback provides the basis for goal setting and development talks and serves as the starting point for the establishment of an area's training requirements.

For the participant:

360° Feedback is the foundation for a personal assessment of the current position from all angles. Blind spots and distorted perceptions are recognised. Starting points for further personal development are fixed.

A recurring 360° Feedback session demonstrates the development of the assessed person (comparative run).

We will gladly present our 360° Feedback process to you in a personal discussion and advise you regarding its optimal implementation.