Development Center

Our individually assigned development assessments allow you to systematically evaluate and promote the strengths and potentials of your experts and executives. These assessments provide a basis for either a focussed promotion of young talents or for the further development of key staff. In the labour market you increase the attractiveness of your employer brand by specific possibilities for development.


  • Assess professional status quo individually
  • Identify personal profiles
  • Discuss development measures
  • Flexible career planning
  • Flexible filling of key positions
  • Timely deployment of executives
  • Platform for personal contact
  • Retention management


Prozess DEVELOPMENT Development Center EN


  • Behavioural exercises
  • Presentation exercises
  • Simulations
  • Group exercises
  • Case studies
  • Business cases (Business Administration)
  • Work analyses
  • Computer-based analyses
  • Interviews


Within the Development Center we offer methods and tools that are tailored to the needs of our clients to promote both the personality development and the capabilities of the participants.


  • Individual development of executives
  • Flexible and optimal succession planning in case of unexpected executive departure
  • Basis to develop a competence-oriented recruiting strategy
  • Support and development of corporate culture
  • Promotions based on performance and potential
  • Trust and acceptance achieved through transparency and objectivity
  • Reduce staff turnover (retention management)
  • Motivating process (learning and development aspect versus selection aspect)
  • If required specific coaching as continued support