ime assessments enjoy a high level of acceptance both with employers and participants. Our coordinated mix of tools, tried and tested in practice, offers a high degree of reliability in decision-making. We can asses several candidates in parallel while guaranteeing full confidentiality. With our multilingual staff we offer the assessments in German, English, French and Italian.


  • Broad mix of tools
  • Assessment of general competencies and criteria from a practical standpoint
  • Sound assessment basis for personnel deployment
  • Valuable hints for the participant's development


Prozess DEVELOPMENT Assessment OF Potential EN

Our clients inform us about the general conditions and the target environment.

Together with our clients we determine the focus of the assessment. Subsequently we define the best mix of tools.

Depending on the assessment design there will be a preparatory phase prior to the assessment.

ime assumes responsibility for a trouble-free implementation (briefing of external assessors, handling of candidates, etc.)

Serious feedback is fundamental to the effectiveness of and the benefits gained by an assessment. Once the final feedback report is available, the participants take part in a detailed and structured feedback discussion. The assessment is also discussed with the clients on the basis of this report.

Development Focus
The assessment serves as the basis for personal or professional development and demonstrates possible measures and focus points.


  • Behavioural exercises
  • Presentation exercises
  • Simulations
  • Group exercises
  • Case studies
  • Business cases (Business Administration)
  • Work analyses
  • Computer-based analyses
  • Interviews


  • In German, English, French, Italian
  • At an ime location or at an external site
  • With or without participation by clients' assessors OR representatives
  • As an assessment of selection or an assessment of potential


  • Impartial and neutral basis for decision-making
  • Comprehensive report with systematic compilation of the participant's potential
  • Focus and indications for targeted training and development
  • Well-established process, i.e. a single process definition allowing to optimally compare the results