Skills Inventory

In contrast to a comprehensive assessment, the skills inventory analyses specific components of a person's skills and focuses on aspects still unclear for the client.
Clients receive answers to their questions a few hours after completion of the skills inventory.


Broadened decision basis through a second opinion
Strong focus on few key aspects


Prozess EVALUATION Skills Inventory EN

Brief Information
The client describes the unclear aspects.

Based on this brief information, the tools for the skills inventory are defined.

The implementation is carried out with or without the client being present.

Quick Response
Within hours the client gets a concise report by phone.


  • Behavioural exercises
  • Presentation exercises
  • Business cases (Business Administration)
  • Structured interviews
  • Personality analyses
  • Aptitude analyses


  • With candidates after the first or second interview
  • Several participants in parallel workshops
  • Shortly before the application process is concluded


  • Impartial and neutral second opinion
  • Short reaction and implementation times
  • Time-optimised alternative – quick response shortly after implementation