Executive Training

During targeted and individualised trainings, we support the participants to strengthen and successfully apply their social and leadership skills.


  • Improved impact in leadership, demeanour, sales techniques, self-marketing or communication
  • Successful completion of challenging assignments and projects and handling of conflicts and difficult situations
  • Enhance self-awareness and self-reflection as well as an increased awareness for own behaviour


Prozess TRAINING Executive Trainings EN


  • Consultation meetings
  • Theoretical inputs
  • Behavioural exercises and short sequences (real-life situations, presentations)
  • Behavioural observation and feedback by several consultants
  • Recording and analyses of video clips
  • Written training documentation


  • Further development on a personal and professional level
  • Handling of challenging situations critical for success


  • Support from experienced and competent consultants
  • Discreet and professional training and learning environment
  • Individually tailored exercises relevant in practice and for work
  • Monitoring of sustainability