Intercultural Training

Specific and targeted preparation for a long-term international work assignment does not only have a supportive effect on one's motivation but can help avoid a culture shock. Expatriates acquire a comprehensive insight into the target culture by training before or parallel to the assignment. Moreover they learn practical and solution-oriented strategies to efficiently communicate and act in a foreign culture. The trainers are chosen according to the participant's countries of departure and destination, thus ensuring an optimal exchange on cultural characteristics.


  • Well-founded knowledge on values and norms of the target culture
  • Examination of the values of own and foreign culture
  • Confident and successful demeanour with various stakeholders in a private and business context
  • Sensitivity training for intercultural experiences


Prozess TRAINING Intercultural Trainings EN


  • Cultural Values Index (current situation)
  • Training in culture assimilation (cultural standards)
  • Behavioural and conversation exercises (video clips)
  • General and culturally specific theory
  • Tips for further literature relevant to the topic
  • Documentation and training documents


  • Preparation for a future international assignment (training)
  • Support during an international assignment (coaching)


  • Positive start due to focussed preparation
  • Avoidance of misunderstandings and of failures on a professional and private level
  • Focussed preparation for possible professional challenges
  • Increase efficiency and effectiveness of both communication and collaboration with people from the foreign cultural region
  • Little opposition and fewer conflicts on the level of intercultural collaboration
  • Enhancement of one's own skills of self-perception and reflection
  • Support during the foreign stay